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Arkansas Support Network Receives CQL Accreditation

Arkansas Support Network CEO Keith Vire announced last week our new accreditation:
We couldn’t be more proud today. We had a great team of reviewers from the Council on Quality and Leadership with us for four days last week. They reviewed and evaluated every facet of our organization, and when they met with our leadership team for the exit interview, they announced that we had been approved for a three-year accreditation. We are the very first organization in Arkansas to receive this national accreditation, and it’s a real honor.

There are other national accreditation organizations out there, but frankly, none of them align with our mission and vision the way that CQL does. They value inclusion and empowerment of people the way none of the other organizations do, and I have to say that CQL and ASN make for a great team.

I’m very proud of Syard Evans, our Deputy CEO, and our Director Team for their work on this accreditation. They worked for hours and hours to review and revise all of our policies and procedures, and in the end, it could not have been better. Proud? Yes, I am.

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