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A Response to Governor Hutchinson’s Address to the Legislative Healthcare Reform Task Force

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson recently addressed the Legislative Healthcare Reform Task Force. Mark George, board member of the Arkansas Waiver Association, has penned a response to the Governor and the task force, asking for a more strategic approach to determining funding for services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities. The response includes a plan for addressing the high cost of Human Development Centers (institutions) and recognizes the economic value and humane approach of Home and Community Based services.

The Executive Summary below provides a quick overview of the issues under discussion and the response to the Governor’s address. The link to the longer document is the more detailed plan and approach to true healthcare reform for individuals with disabilities.

January 2016 Response to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson

Executive Summary

In a speech to the Arkansas Legislative Health Reform Task Force, Governor Asa Hutchinson stated that he would like to see $232 million in savings over the next five years from Medicaid programs for the developmentally disabled (“DD”). He commented that, to date, DD providers had not proposed enough credible savings to meet his target.

Any proposal made by providers or the Task Force should be based on the principles of strategic planning, which involve defining a goal and developing a set of objectives designed to achieve the goal. An example of a goal is; Arkansas will provide long term services and supports (“LTSS”) in an effective and efficient manner to its aged, blind and disabled citizens such that each individual will be able to achieve their full potential and enjoy the quality of life they desire. To achieve the goal, the objectives should be to provide the right services and supports, to the right people, at the right time, in the right amount, in the right place, and at the least cost possible.

Contact your local legislators and ask them to support a more strategic and humane approach to healthcare reform. 



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