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100% of proceeds benefit Arkansas Support Network


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Sell your eBay items and easily donate a portion to Arkansas Support Network.

Make someone’s holiday a little brighter. Help ASN support 140 families in our Holiday Giving program that provides holiday meals to the people we support that would otherwise have to go without.

Seller Benefits

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A “good” reason to sell: Sellers can be highly motivated to sell items they consider to be too valuable for a thrift store; some sellers are overjoyed knowing they can clean out their home and do some good for an organization they care about.

Click to Expand FAQListings sell faster: By donating even 10% of your sales, buyers ascribe more trust to the seller and will be more likely to buy an item benefitting charity over one that does not.

Click to Expand FAQSeller fee credits: eBay credits the seller to the extent they donate (e.g. when they donate 20% to your organization, eBay credits 20% of the final value fees to the seller).

Click to Expand FAQTax-deductible: We ensure all donations are itemized and reported to the seller to be used as tax deductions as allowed by law.

Click to Expand FAQAutomation donations: eBay automatically directs the donation through PayPal Giving Fund.


Start now with these easy steps:

All of these efforts allow you to easily support ASN’s Holiday Giving program–a program providing for those we support who would otherwise go without a warm holiday meal. Your donations are tax-deductible and as a charitable seller, eBay rewards your support by offering you a fee credit based on your donation percentage to Arkansas Support Network.

Your generosity makes you an example and shows the impact we can have together through individual acts of kindness.

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