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Spotlight Series: 2017 Direct Support Professional Recognition Week


Once again, ASN is joining the efforts of The American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), and many other organizations and service providers across the country to recognize this week, September 10th through 16th, as Direct Support Professional Recognition Week.  Direct Support Professional Recognition Week is part of the ANCOR National Advocacy Campaign, whose mission is to enhance the lives of all individuals with disabilities who rely on long-term supports and services by obtaining the resources to recruit, train, and retain a highly qualified and sustainable workforce.

“DSP Recognition Week is one way we try to say, “thank you” to the people who turn the intentions of our laws and regulations written to provide opportunities for people with disabilities into actions,” said Barbara Merrill, CEO of ANCOR. “It’s also a very important reminder to our legislators and policymakers that this workforce is essential, and their wages and training deserve attention as states set rates for IDD services.”

Direct Support Professional Recognition Week is celebrated annually across the country to honor the tens of thousands of workers who enable individuals with intellectual, developmental, and other significant disabilities and their families to live healthy lives in their communities.  At Arkansas Support Network, we rely on these committed and dedicated people every day to ensure hundreds of individuals with disabilities in Arkansas are able to live active lives in the communities they chose.

To celebrate DSP Recognition Week, we would like to recognize a few of the many invaluable support providers who make the work of ASN possible every day.  Each day this week, we will introduce you to a few individuals who make a world of difference in the lives of the people they support, the teams they work on, and for all of us at ASN.  These are the people responsible for carrying out the mission of our organization, and we are so grateful they have committed to doing so.

Join us each day as we honor our outstanding DSPs, starting with these great folks:

Erica Tash has worked for ASN for almost 2 years. She has worked with one young person since she first started and has developed a close bond with the individual. Erica makes sure the individual she supports is always included in everything with both school and the community. She attends all his events, cheers him on at his basketball games, eats lunch with him on special days, and even showed up to school on his birthday with a birthday gift. All of this is done on Erica’s own time. She does not leave him out of anything. Erica embraces the ASN mission statement to the fullest and works hard every day to live it out.

Brenda Anderson is a relatively new employee with ASN in the Jonesboro area. From day one, she brought with her a positive presence. Brenda is a team player and works hard to not only support the person receiving services but also the team of people providing the supports. She never complains and is always looking for ways to better the lives of the individuals we support.

Chibueze Ekeh is the type of support staff who always comes to work a little early. He engages with both individuals that live in the home he works in, and both individuals light up as soon as Chibueze arrives. He gets them active in any way possible from taking a walk to playing ball (even in the apartment…lol). He not only involves the individuals in the home, he also gets other support staff involved. Chibueze goes above and beyond and tries to think in advance. He works to make life better for the individuals he supports and to make it easier for other support staff to be successful. Chibueze is a great team player and makes a positive difference in the lives of everyone he works with.

We’re proud of the work these three direct support professionals do every day and appreciate all their dedication and contributions to ASN. Tune in tomorrow to meet some more of the amazing people who make up the ASN family.

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