Arkansas Support Network’s Family Support Program is doing what it takes to make it possible for families that include members with disabilities to just be families. Family Support is based on the belief that all children, regardless of any disability, need families and lasting relationships with adults. Children belong at home with their families or, if that’s not possible, with another family. Like all children, children with disabilities need to be members of both families and communities to develop to their fullest potential. Supporting families is a new way of thinking. Until recently, tax dollars were spent paying for institutional and other care outside the family home. Family Support strengthens the ability of a family to keep a child with a disability at home within the family. An effective family support program is one that provides whatever it takes to maintain and strengthen the family’s ability to provide care at home. Because every family is unique, it is impossible to list everything our Family Support Program does. At Arkansas Support Network, we provide a flexible and individualized system of supports which regards the family unit, not just the child with a disability, as the focus. Our goal is to provide assistance and supports which enable children, even those with very severe disabilities and health care needs, to live in their homes and participate in the life of their community.


The Community Parent Resource Center provides a full range of training and information services for parents of children with disabilities and serves parents of children ages birth through age 26 with the full range of disabilities. The goal of the Community Parent Resource Center is to work cooperatively with families, schools, the foster care and juvenile justice systems, and other public/private organizations to increase opportunities for successful educational outcomes for all children who lack appropriate access to the educational system and to improve post high school outcomes for these students. To visit the website for the CPRC please go to


Family Support Program Jones Family Resource Center 614 E Emma, Suite 219 Springdale, AR 72764 (479) 927-4100 1-800-748-9768 Fax: (479) 927-1373 For more information on our Family Support Program, please email