Vocational Foundations is a division of Arkansas Support Network that provides education, job placement, pre-vocational services, and a variety of support opportunities for individuals who have disabilities.


The Workbridge program is a partnership between ASN and Arkansas Rehabilitation Services to provide individuals who have disabilities with intense preparation for the work and social skills necessary to succeed in today’s job market. The program consists of a combination of real work experience at Encore Kids, ASN’s children’s resale shop, as well as classroom-style training focused on the social aspects of employment. After the 70-day program, participants are supported by staff while applying for, accepting, and maintaining their jobs in the community. This ensures the success of our program and more importantly, the success of our graduates.

Supported Employment

The Supported Employment program is designed to assist individuals in finding a job in the community that best suits their abilities and preferences. Training is provided by a job coach at the work site for job skills and work-related behaviors. As the individual gains in skill and confidence, the job coach is gradually phased out. The main goal of Supported Employment is to provide competitive work in integrated work settings for the individuals we support. This program also provides assistance with transportation, specialized training, assistive technology, and individually tailored supervision.

Ticket to Work

Arkansas Support Network is an Employment Network, providing a wide array of services for those with a Ticket to Work from the Social Security Administration.

School Work Experience Program (SWEP)

SWEP gives pre-vocational assistance to students attending high school on IEP track, starting at age 16. Students work on many job-related skills, such as writing resumes, doing mock interviews, and filling out job applications. Students also work on life skills, including decision making and effective budgeting. They get hands-on experience with work skills development by attending field trips to local businesses. The goal is for students to learn what it takes to live a productive, independent life in the community after high school.

For more information about the programs listed above, please contact Ashley Tougaw.