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Arkansas Support Network Celebrates 24th Annual Honors Luncheon

Top left: Dr. Keith Vire, CEO, welcomes guests Top Middle: Syard Evans presenting Terri Pegue with Linda Andrews Above and Beyond Award, Top Right: 5 year employee tenure award recipients-Shanana Harris, Dawn Farris, Hailey Rocko, Julie Weegens Bottom Left: 10 year employee tenure award recipients-Shon Arrington, Joseph Rocko Bottom middle: 15 year tenure award recipients- Helen Shranell Rodriguez, Irene Clark Bottom right: 25 year employee tenure award recipients- Gayle Pullease, Keith Vire


Arkansas Support Network Celebrates 24th Annual Honors Luncheon

On Wednesday, June 7, 2017 Arkansas Support Network held its 24th Annual Honors Luncheon to “celebrate community leaders, dedicated employees, and inclusive communities.” The event took place at Mermaids Seafood Restaurant at 11:30 am.

Those honored were Kendra Knoner, teacher in Siloam Springs School District and Marka Keddie, teacher in Greenwood School District; the late Cederic Marable; Jeannie Olson; Sam Jeffus; Leviticus Cline; Brittany Rush; Chloe Pulse; Oscar Morton; Harps Food Stores; ASN volunteers Shelby Shipley and Donna Bell; ASN employees Amara Sow and Terri Pegue; and Keith Glass CPA and Free Geek Arkansas, both employers of people with disabilities. There were also a number of employees who received awards for their five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and twenty five years of service.

In a surprise and emotional moment, Dr. Keith Vire, CEO of Arkansas Support Network, was honored by Deputy CEO, Dr. Syard Evans. He received a new award called, “Throwing Starfish Award,” honoring the career of Dr. Keith Vire. This award is given to an individual or entity who understands the value in making small, meaningful differences every day. The recipient displays determination and dedication to doing the hard work necessary to positively influence the community around them, no matter how big or small. This award recognizes those who see the value in every person they meet and work to support others in whatever ways possible.

Dr. Vire will be retiring in December of 2017, after being CEO of Arkansas Support Network for 26 years. For over 40 years, he has worked with area agencies and non-profits improving the quality of life for low income persons and persons with disabilities in Arkansas. He has a long and distinguished career and has received numerous awards for his hard work, including most recently receiving the “Social Justice Award” from Ark-AHEAD.

Arkansas Support Network is a non-profit that provides support and services to individuals and families with children with disabilities.

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