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Spotlight Series: 2017 Direct Support Professional Recognition Week, Day 3

This week, all of us at ASN are taking part in Direct Support Professional Recognition Week by sharing the good stories of some of the outstanding employees who provide direct supports every day.  But, we are not the only ones recognizing DSP Recognition Week in Arkansas.

Everyone at ASN and people all across the state are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication of direct support providers.  We are happy to introduce you to a few more of ASN’s excellent DSPs:

Tim Ussery has a wonderful rapport and relationship with the person he supports. They truely enjoy each other, and it is fun to watch them interact. Tim is a reliable staff person who is always on time and dependable.  He’s willing to work with anyone he is asked to support and do whatever he’s assigned to do. Tim is a huge asset, not only to the person he supports, but also to his support team. 

Sheritta McFadden has worked for ASN for two years. She litterally works with everyone in her assigned division and is able to support each person affectively and appropriately. Sheritta is very attentive to the needs of all the each person she supports.  Sheritta will jump in at any time to fill shifts, find staff, and anything else that needs to be done. Sheritta has great communication skills and communicates with everyone involved in the team. She talks with individuals, parents, and guardians to address all needs and concerns a person may have. Sheritta is a very caring and hardworking member of her team. ASN and all the people she supports are lucky to have her.

Shranell Rodriguez provides supports to many indvidiuals at ASN, but one individual she supports in particular she has worked with for almost 15 years.This person is Deaf and uses sign language to communicate. When Shranell was hired to work at ASN, she did not know any sign language at all, and the individual and his family would not allow any new support staff who could not already sign to provide supports to him. The late and great Linda Andrews was the program manager at the time, and Linda asked the family to give Shranell a chance to learn sign language. The family agreed to give her a chance, and Shranell committed to task of learning the individual’s communication method. Shranell bought books and video tapes and worked with this individual and his family to learn how to communicate with him. Shranell developed her sign language skills and has been an exceptional support staff for this person for many years now. The individual she supports has always wanted to drive and have a driver’s license. With a lot of practice, studying, and the help of the Springdale Police, he was recently able to pass a written test using support from Shranell to translate the questions. A few weeks later he was also able to pass his drivering test using Shranell’s communication support as well.This is a huge accomplishment for the person Shranell supports, and he could not have accomplished this very important goal without Shranell’s hardwork, dedication, and support. 

If you see any of these folks mentioned today, any of the employees highlighted this week, or any of the other excellent direct support providers at ASN, make sure to tell them how important their jobs are and how grateful you are for their hard work.  Check back tomorrow to meet more great DSPs.

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