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Spotlight Series: Eva Forbush

Eva Forbush has been an Arkansas Support Network employee for five years. She came to us after spending ten years at home with her stepdaughter who had cognitive disabilities and was the light of her life. She passed away after having a brain aneurysm. When Eva went back to work, she knew she wanted to work with individuals who have disabilities because she saw how she was able to make a difference in her stepdaughter’s life by being there.

Eva said a print ad for ASN caught her attention. She reviewed the job application online and applied. Her CNA certification had expired, and she hadn’t had a job while caring for her stepdaughter. She wasn’t expecting a response to her application. Eva got that response, and five years later, she’s still here. Working with several people over the years, she feels passionately about the work she does.

Eva Forbush, Arkansas Support Network staff member

        Eva Forbush

Eva says, “I can’t fix this messed up world we live in but I can attempt to add some measure of comfort and concern to the lives of those around me. Care giving has always come naturally for me. My fervent hope is that when my days are done, I can look back and know I did what I could to improve things for those around me. I don’t need to make a big splash; tiny rippling waves erode more over time than just one big one!”

She currently works with one consumer and has shared some of this experience with us:

I’ve been with him a little over a year. He is not the typical ASN consumer. He is a gentleman who couldn’t live independently without the supports his staff provides. He is a kind and generally happy gentleman. He has several health issues which make his care and support even more vital to his independence. Mr. Joe doesn’t have a large support system besides his staff. His family is small and his father is elderly.

He has had a lot of experience with the system, both through local agencies and elsewhere in the state. He has experienced group home settings and had behavior issues there. He has not had any of those issues in living in his own apartment with a roommate. I fervently believe the reason he hasn’t had those issues is he has a large degree of self direction in his life now.

He is a quiet person and prefers a quiet, laid back lifestyle. He is a prime example of why supports provided by ASN and other agencies are absolutely vital for individuals with disabilities.

These consumers need our support and our care and concern. Each consumer deserves the very best we can offer them! I consider it an honor to work with and for such unique and inspiring individuals.


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